Yes, you guessed it! We enjoy to drink coffee just like 83% of other adults in the US. As coffee drinkers we always looked for ways to also share a little of our personality while having some coffee at home, at the office or in public. We always looked for the best coffee cups, mugs or travelers to match our coffee drinking experience at the moment. It was a way of making a statement without literally saying a word. Just a sip here and there.  

We all know how a cup of coffee gets our day started and how after a cup coffee you are ready to take on the world, just like a superhero. Well, as the stories go you know every great superhero has and or needs sidekicks.

And this is how Coffee Sidekicks was born. I mean, why not share a bit of who you are while having your favorite coffee. You can do the heavy lifting, well sort of, while your sidekick can do the talking. 


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